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Our planet used to seem like a very big place - great continents separated by immense bodies of water.  "Their" diseases weren't ours (or so we hoped).  But a mere 14 hours is all that separates any of us from either side of the world; what with modern transportation and the click of a mouse.  Even with mankind's relentless search for cures and treatment, the diseases that have threatened mankind for centuries still do because of the lack of adequate medical care.  We can no longer rest on our laurels or a sense of false security;  we are not living in something akin to a vast ocean.  We live in a fish bowl.

Imagine.  A young boy, little sister in hand, looking for a place to hide her while he forages for food in a landfill.  She's too sick to go on and needs a place to rest her tiny self.  Their father and mother are dead; their aunts and uncles too. It's been months of an instinct-driven scrambling to get by, picking what crumbs they can, and quenching their thirst where water occasionally gathers in the low spots.

This young boy is too young, too uneducated to know about the plague of the 14th century that swept through Europe and parts of Asia, killing as much as three quarters of the population in less than 20 years; but he is not too young to be living in our 21st century's rendition of sweeping devastation.

No one is safe, though there's no question that the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, other chronic and treatable diseases and women's health problems are most prevalent in underdeveloped countries and the densely populated areas of developed countries.

People are dying.  Babies are dying.  Please join us in this humble effort to give them hope.  With your help, HIV/AIDS will no longer be the death sentence it is to every member of a family.  Keep in mind.  We can only make a difference in the lives of the millions at risk if we educate them and provide quality medical care.  But we cannot do this alone.  We beg you to dig deep into your kind hearts and make a contribution to this humane venture.

We are in the throes of a one-thing-leads-to-the-next tragedy of insurmountable odds. The only ray of hope lies in humanity's instinct to survive.  Its inherent kindness.  And your compassion.  In order to succeed in our mission of alleviating and obliterating the ravages of these deadly and contagious diseases - and treat them, we need the citizens of our world to stand up and say,  no more!  Yes.  We need your help.

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Our Promise, Full Transparency

FHF Inc. provides full transparency on all fundraising projects and efforts

FHF, Inc. always strives to handle its finances with the utmost integrity and remain accountable to its donors.  You can track, in real-time, the progress of donations for each project and any campaigns.

FHF Programs

Fomukong Health Foundation Project H.E.A.L.

In many underserved and underdeveloped communities, the procurement and supply of medicines and medical products needs to be streamlined in order to reduce shortages.  Importantly, many of these populations need better and focused education to prevent these populations from developing chronic diseases in the first place.

Through its efforts, FHF, Inc. strives on empowering local communities to have more control over healthcare resources and helping to shift healthcare delivery from a ‘treat and cure’ model to a preventive care one. FHF needs to:

      • Create & distribute printable and electronic health fact sheets to community clinics and village elders
      • Distribute condoms
      • Propagating health fact sheets using email and social media networks


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