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As the founder and CEO of the Fomukong Health Foundation, a nonprofit healthcare foundation dedicated to making a positive impact on the health crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, I have led this charge by purchasing new and used medical equipment and hospital supplies ALL of which have been donated to various medical facilities on the continent of Africa.

Importantly, the Fomukong Health Foundation has engaged in a variety of educational and preventative seminars over the past eleven years in the areas of sexually-transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Most recently, FHF is developing and implementing programs to improve the conditions of hospitals and clinics in Africa. FHF recently visited a number of health clinics and hospitals in Africa. We found that all of the hospitals had deplorable conditions. The surgical, labor and delivery rooms were in need of major facelifts. There were no emergency rooms and these facilities were not equipped to handle the simplest of emergency situations.

So you that can understand the severity of the problem, I made a video of a surgical center at a major hospital:

FHF's agenda is to equip these facilities properly in order for them to be able to handle even simple medical conditions.

Please, we need your help to help the people of these nations!

You can also spread the word in your social networks by using the #SaveOurClinics or #EquipOurClinics and tagging us with @fhfinc on Facebook.


Peace and Blessings,


Ndika Fomukong

FHF Programs

Fomukong Health Foundation Project H.E.A.L.

In many underserved and underdeveloped communities, the procurement and supply of medicines and medical products needs to be streamlined in order to reduce shortages.  Importantly, many of these populations need better and focused education to prevent these populations from developing chronic diseases in the first place.

Through its efforts, FHF, Inc. strives on empowering local communities to have more control over healthcare resources and helping to shift healthcare delivery from a ‘treat and cure’ model to a preventive care one. FHF needs to:

      • Create & distribute printable and electronic health fact sheets to community clinics and village elders
      • Distribute condoms
      • Propagating health fact sheets using email and social media networks


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