"Each One Teach One"
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FHF, Inc. "Each One Teach One" strives to curate and disseminate quality health education materials and information to underserved and underdeveloped countries.


What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause; in short, it means to speak up, to fight for a cause or plead the case of others who may not be able to do so or who are suffering from an injustice. Advocates seek to influence decisions, within political and economic institutions and social systems.

Fomukong Health Foundation practices Health Advocacy, which promotes and encompasses the direct service, to individuals and families, those activities that promote health and access to health care in communities.

This advocacy supports and promotes:

  • Rights of patients
  • Enhanced health policies
  • Improved community health
  • Availability of safe and quality care


Advocacy is Not

  • Public awareness: Advocacy is not just a public campaign to inform people about our organization.
  • Informing governments about Fomukong Health Foundation.
  • Raising public awareness about Fomukong Health Foundation.
  • Fundraising. The primary purpose of advocacy is not to increase our budget but to direct resources directly to where they are needed through our programs.


"Each One Teach One"

Many of you may be familiar with the African-American proverb "Each One Teach One."  It begins one person at a time.  It is a known fact that better and focused education is crucial to prevent most populations from developing chronic diseases.  FHF, Inc. curates the most up-to-date information as technological advancements and government regulations continue to change the face of healthcare information.


How We Do What We Do

FHF uses the following approaches and strategies in its advocacy efforts:

  • Health education through online and offline channels and networks
  • Grassroots Health Awareness Campaigns
  • Partnering for Education – working with local authorities, educational and community health clinic leaders to:
      • Create & distribute health fact sheets
      • Distribute condoms

Through "Each One Teach One," original health education materials are created for dissemination to community members and families and, where appropriate, community clinic healthcare professionals. Health information resources may include calendars, posters, booklets and games for children.  FHF, Inc. also creates and disseminates multilingual materials.


How Can You Help?

FHF needs help with:

  • Design of printable and electronic health fact sheets to forward to community clinic healthcare workers and to send to village elders and local media outlets.
  • Sharing and forwarding our social media health education messages by tagging us with @fhfinc and using FHF's campaign hashtags.
  • Propagating FHF health fact sheets to network of family and friends throughout Africa using email and social media networks.
  • Collecting lists of needed medical supplies, equipment and necessary repairs needed in specific community clinics.
  • Identifying and procuring medical supplies, equipment and contract labour to help community clinics in need.
  • Shipping/receiving, distribution and installation of collected medical equipment.
  • Enlisting allies in the U.S. and Africa to meet the supplies, equipment and repair needs of community clinics.

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Our Promise, Full Transparency

FHF Inc. provides full transparency on all fundraising projects and efforts

FHF, Inc. always strives to handle its finances with the utmost integrity and remain accountable to its donors.  You can track, in real-time, the progress of donations for each project and any campaigns.

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